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Web3 NFT Monetization Project

by Ed Draper
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Saturn-like rings adorn a classic Earth image from space. Titles: Web3 NFTs & Project One

Project One Kickoff

Kickoff Announcement from Creatology.com

Announcing an open call to all artists, it’s time to embrace the power of web3 technology and start monetizing your creative efforts like never before! Project One can help make that happen by turning your art into innovative Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that stand out on web3 platforms due to exciting applications and Creatology’s unique brands.

Project One is all about making art and minting NFTs to boost artists who will forever benefit from associations between their art and emerging global brands. Fifteen brands were chosen to start this exercise. Each brand is exceptional but in need of a creative nudge.

A Creative Nexus for Web3 NFTs

Creatology seeks to be the premier creative nexus for NFT art. Imagine a portal through which people find gallery after gallery of NFTs and transformational NFT products in new web3 marketplaces like EarthMart, NewNewYork, and Shopping Moon, or in artseums and peopleseums and open spaces and metaverse places… We’ve found each other – let’s join forces.

Table of Contents

In this posting, Creatology provides a complete set of project documentation for elements of the Web3 NFT Monetization Project, aka Project One.

  • Kickoff Announcement (above)
  • Brands Available for Art & NFTs (below)
  • Brand Descriptions & Guidelines for Making Art
  • Stakeholder Activities
  • Project Definition
    • Project Concept & Definition
    • Project Requirements
    • Project Lifecycle Definition
  • Conclusion
    • Check the newsletter for updates
    • Thanks!

Unique Brands Available for Art & NFTs

Emerging Brands – Exciting Choices

Remarkable brand assets are available for Project One. Beyond gaining web3 monetization experience, artist contributors will build connections with these exciting brands, and those valuable associations could lead to career-changing outcomes.

Artists have great options to fuel their creative engines when it comes to making project art. Categories cover a variety of inspiriting concepts and interests.

Inaugural Project One Subject Brands:

Emerging power brands:              Avatari, BurntToast, Execubot, FabuYou, and Terrif

New market prototypes:              ShoppingMoon, EarthMart, NewNewYork, and Rarewerks

Special global domains:               FirstDotComBank, PinkArt, and ZenMars

Innovative social concepts:          LeapN, TwoAlike, and ClubTerra

Brand Descriptions & Guidelines for Making Art

Artists are encouraged to study the brand identity descriptions found below to aid in brand imagining and realization.

Guidelines specific to each brand are included with brand descriptions.  General guidelines for making project art and NFTs are discussed below.

Guidelines for Art & NFT Creation

How best to visualize power brands immersed in today’s realities or future possibilities, and then transform ideals and concepts into art – and art into NFTs? With as few restraints as possible.

Project One guidelines for brand realization should be considered as ‘flex lines’ instead of limitations because their real purpose is to empower artists to expose, invent, discover, and enjoy making art.

The guidelines presented here merely attach characteristics to the existing brands for the sake of a baseline definition. Now it’s the contributing artists’ turn to take us to new places.

Project Brand Descriptions

Project One subject brands are described below. Art-making guidelines are included.

Emerging Power Brands


Avatari is a super stage and marketplace for avatars across the web. The Avatari brand encompasses influential brand assets like digital personas that serve as extensions of individuals in the virtual world, embodying their identities, aspirations, and preferences.

Gaming Avatars: For one perspective, think about avatar vanguards of a new era where individuals transcend their physical limitations and enter a boundless digital realm. Like gaming? More than that. These digital personas epitomize the convergence of identity and self-expression.

Metaverse Avatars: Alternately, consider avatars of the metaverse who wield immense influence, capturing attention, shaping narratives, and revolutionizing living space. Think of the metaverse as a greenscreen-like, made-to-order backdrop. With their ability to seamlessly adapt and evolve, Metaverse avatars can become living, breathing symbols of authenticity and individuality.

Entertainment Avatars: And there’s room for satire. Since avatars become canvases for self-expression, they should reflect every conceivable mood and expression of the ever-evolving aspirations and preferences of their owners – including humor. Maybe avatars look like pet owners who look like their pets – an interesting threesome.

Brand Loyalty: Since avatars can foster brand loyalty, maybe the avatars of Avatari are the true influencers of the realm – pitching “avatar products.” Wow. Who saw that coming? Imagine superheroes on the street, shopping… and street performing.

Bizarre and Unique: Do aliens drink martinis at work? I don’t know but I’m sure they play pickleball and croquet. Famous art and sculpture subjects; talking animal friends; quirky neighbors… with an artist’s touch, all could be interesting avatars.


The concept of Burnt Toast goes back to the early years when toast-making was treacherous and often went awry. Not really, even as a child I learned that burnt toast could be salvaged with a scrape or a few from a butter knife. At times it got messy… with burnt toast crumbs everywhere… but this simple workaround, probably my first, helped prepare me for a rewarding career.

For the artists among us, my favorite Burnt Toast image is the one with the model wearing an all-yellow ensemble with a “Tic-Tac-Toast” tee shirt showing burnt toast winning the game. Everything in the set, even the walls, table, and toaster are yellow. Great look. She pulled it all together nicely, only to burn toast… but then made something out of it. Impressive. That’s really the meme here: Fix-It Fun! Symbolic workarounds – with or without toast.

Another image associates environmental activism with toast. In it, our Milky Way Galaxy is shown in total, spiral arms and all, against mostly black outer space. An arrow points from a visible but tiny piece of burnt toast to the approximate position of Planet Earth on a spiral arm. A caption reads, “The universe called and said we’re toast!”

So, another option is to think green and help fix the climate while we’re at it. Obviously, a big fix is required, but with a little fix-it fun and lots of creativity – with or without toast – we can work around climate deniers.


After spending time at a robotics prototype laboratory, the concept for Execubot might have changed. Going forward, it’s hard not to see Execubot as a perfect machine, poised to attend to every need. A business companion, a valet, and a fleet of helpers and fixers surround you on the rooftop garden awaiting your commands.

Maybe they appear from the sky, or float in the air, or transform from a chair or wall-mounted storage compartment… in a world full of rival bots, make sure your fleet is Execubot brand, the best anywhere.

Artists will have to answer questions like, “Is one bot better than most? Is there a hierarchy? … with jealousies?” And how do Execubots look, act, and perform? Maybe the prototypes for the prototype are drawn as anime? And back to the better or bad musing. Could one bot turn bad bot and ruin your picnic and dreamworld parade?

Execubots could soon have real-world applications based on the robotic prototypes in the lab. And if Execubots are destined for Hollywood, we will need a cast of characters. Good bots and bad bots… under control and out for world dominance. The guidelines for art are super-flexible – have fun.


What does it take to look fabulous? Everyone must have an idea, which is good and all the more reason to leave FabuYou imagining to the minds and hands of capable artists.

FabuYou is part of a franchise as I would define it, proprietary, and still under wraps. However, the FabuYou part of the franchise is open and out there for artistic interpretation.

Now, just think ahead to the NFT series that might be based on FabuYou art. Talk about entertaining imagery… which is largely why the guidelines for art are super-flexible – have fun.


The Terrif brand benefits from its popular positive expression providing contributing artists with lots of positive energy to work with. A Google search for ‘Terrif’ returns 350 thousand results. Terrif has broad market potential from health and wellness to dynamic entertainment. The marketing focus to date has been health and wellness but artists are encouraged to think outside the box.

The word meta for Terrif is positive: Terrif is actually the abbreviation for terrific; wonderful; very good.

Marketing taglines include, “More than a feeling – the great life you deserve!”

New Market Prototypes

Shopping Moon

The Shopping Moon brand exists as the subject of a humous, fantastical adventure, authored by the creative director. It’s kind of like “Rocky Horror” and “Doctor Who” playing out on two alien worlds where Planet Meeke and Dragonia banter and battle over an orbiting entertainment super-structure, a.k.a. the Shopping Moon.

Is there a connection to Earth? Planet Earth has a special role in this sci-fi comedy. Shopping Moon chronicles Earth’s galactic coming-out party.  

Shopping Moon is a fun read and should be the same for making art. You don’t really need more backstory. Just imagine a moon-sized shopping structure attracting more aliens than “Star Wars.”

The Shopping Moon brand shows great promise. Creating the top tourist destination in the galaxy is a fantasy and not intentional reality – but maybe a space zillionaire is out there listening or reading, and then who knows what might happen.


EarthMart… Is there merch? Sure, it goes without saying. EarthMart enjoys a prime location on the fictional “Shopping Moon,” a satirical novel and screenplay where alien shoppers from across the galaxy clamor to buy made-on-Earth products, everything from coffee and tea to licorice, frilly dresses, and pond scum.

Back in the virtual world of merch, EarthMart designs helped kickoff other brands like BurntToast, Been Bad, and Total Zombie.

The important thing now is to reimagine the brand and help drive EarthMart into the future. If it helps, I’ll set up free downloads of the book.

EarthMart has always been a happy place with lots of positive energy to work with. Updating the product line should prompt good art outcomes. Just think about what on Earth – in outer space – is sold there.

Earth products can be contemporary or from our rich history or both. Maybe tree-sized pyramids decorated for Christmas are sold there. Rainbow flamingos and Polka dot everything is a hit. And more poofy blonde wig outlets than mattress stores prove that Dolly is popular… in outer space! Amusingly, Pet Rocks sold out long ago.

Help keep the merch flowing. We need your thoughts and art.


The New New York brand comes with a fanbase – it’s the best-known city of the future! for starters – and has 10 prominent citations listed in Wikipedia: Pop culture, fandom, and major citations include (1) Ray Bradbury’s ‘The Martian Chronicles’; (2) ‘Futurama;’ (3) ‘Doctor Who;’ and(4) ‘Glee’ (television).

Around here, New New York was always pegged as an urban utopian archetype capable of transforming urban blight around the world. One marketing pitch is “New New York – everybody wants one.”

New New York, is a utopia worthy of stellar ascension with a bit of dystopia here and there. So, tell us, talented artists… what will you make of it?


The Rarewerks brand definition is obvious and should be interesting to work with. One tact is to study the basic meaning of the word rare and run through this list of synonyms while you deliberate art: extraordinary, limited, occasional, scarce, singular, strange, subtle, uncommon, unique, unlikely, unthinkable, and unusual.

For a surreal approach try brainstorming about different forms of art. Think how unique and rare it would be to sculpt the famous image from the painting of the Mona Lisa. Of course, the digitizing of sculptures would be difficult. Or maybe not. A panorama photograph filtered through Photoshop might create a new style of art – you can name it.

Now, review other forms of work and visualize how they might translate digitally. Consider these eight forms of art: painting, sculpture, photography, literature, architecture, cinema, music, and theater. Of the eight, photography is the most likely form to be digitized as visual art. However, music, literature, architecture, and cinema (video) are probably digitized in some format.

Also, in planning art, consider what a rare goods market might sell: the essence of hummingbird cake; clouds in a bottle; an assembly of leaf people…. Rarewerks could become the buzz of the web3 world with an NFT marketplace full of rare works.

Special Global Domains


The brand First Dot Com Bank obviously calls out to be the first…, dot com…, I don’t know…, maybe a bank?! Seriously, honestly, I’m a writer, but I want to be an artist, just so I can have my NFT art inside that bank. And when I show off my NFT acquisitions, I want to do it in such a grand space.

Artists can really help imagine and reveal this unique brand. Image-wise, what does a virtual bank look like when it’s exposed to the world like a galactic press release?

Maybe the gold and glory of First Dot Com Bank are both inside and out. Banks have a public-facing exterior, as ostentatious as secure, but inside banks are known to guard secrets.

Creative types, we need a lot of help over here. I’m seeing everything from piles of gold crypto to bankers and clerks minding priceless family heirlooms. Help the world sneak a peek inside.

First Dot Com Bank, the most trusted virtual institution on web3. Destined to become a special global trust. Who wouldn’t want to store their NFTs there? And where in virtual Earth is there more of a trusted place to buy NFTs?


PinkArt – If you like pink, you are not alone! A Google search for ‘pink art’ returned 6.7 billion results.

That’s more than half of all consumers on Earth. There must have been multiple searches to tally that many billion, but that’s good, too, and speaks to phenomenal market potential. Go pink for even one submission and your art, your NFTs have innate interest to about half of all consumers. Yes, I know, but it’s worth repeating.

Pink portraits or landscapes anyone? A touch of pink works well for most subjects.

I learned about pink from an artist friend. Creative expression flows easily for award-winning folk artist Sam Van. When we launch the PinkArt gallery, all can witness her unique expressions covering and combining disparate target objects from repurposed furniture to canvases to art cars, from steampunk jewelry to conversant shrines.

PinkArt sounds like a serious candidate for the first NFT series. Please keep that in mind and think of PinkArt as at least a second option. And read the newsletter.


To summarize this nirvana, try mulling in discovery, revelation, enlightenment, and bliss. I think of ZenMars as an impossible Mars dream world, coming to a metaverse near you.

Some of the conditions I feel are breathable air… I’m sensing flowing water… possibly a waterfall … and why not? Can’t we corral a chunk of an icy comet someday soon or ask our outer friends for aid? At least there should be a pool of water juxtaposed against a less-harsh Martian landscape. Oh look, there’s a Buddha-like figure, and transcendent Martian figures amidst oddly colorful native flowers, fruits, and more trippy flora. Love those rocks!

Meta statements flavor the character concept for ZenMars as well. A keyword search returns: popular, trending, from planetary exploration to the mystical; a Google search for ‘Mars’ returns 2.2 billion results. Plus, phenomenal market potential due to legendary adventures and elevated interest in space travel. And, add a bit of word meta: engaging, pleasing, a memorable term constructed from 2 popular English words to connote broad appeal.

That’s a slice of my ZenMars. Now, what do you see?

Innovative Social Concepts

Club Terra

The Club Terra brand is an imaginary utopia but it can be a real one — the ultimate paradise and eco-friendly themed, green social platform — encompassing all of Earth. The following description of Club Terra is a guide for contributing artists in the production of Project One art.

Club Terra is like Earth 2.0, a planet populated with eco-friendly, utopian everything. Imagine Earth and all of its green possibilities. A gorgeous green assemblage of eco-sustainable goodness. Certainly, a planet’s ecosystem is worth saving. So, how best can artists ‘save the place’ and make it better?

How do you build a global paradise with art? Depictions of green energy applications in harmony with nature could produce fantastically appealing landscapes. Windmills that flow along with foothills beneath mountains for example. What if a family of mammals enjoys a picnic beneath flowering plants in their natural forested setting?

Similarly, the cutest critters among us might enjoy a day at the beach riding Ferris wheels fueled by natural wave action. To complete the scene, nearby wheels of differing sizes deliver cabled energy across the land to an idyllic seaside village.

Another concept incorporates solar energy. Solar panel geometry hints at patterns that might look more like brush strokes in the distance. Or how about placing solar panels on everything in an urban setting – make that everything. That could be fun: solar panels on rooftops, awnings, flower carts, cars, trucks, buses, bikes,… baby strollers.

The Club Terra brand is perfect for green-minded artists, and we are your fans. Let’s all join forces, find allies, and save Earth.


TwoAlike is a catchy brand and a promising concept for a social platform, but the obvious definition may not reveal the full range of interactions.

TwoAlike is not a dating service, but more like an intellectual friend-finder. Everyone occasionally needs a mentor, teacher, friend… or vendor, even if just for a moment, “Hi, bye, thank you, guy.” Or possibly for regular interactions, but with the safe distance of the web and anonymity.

How are two persons alike? Physical attractions are one type of sharable characteristic and there are several more. Maybe you need help with math and find a friendly math teacher. Math is the need and throughline rather than age or skills.

As usual, artists can create something quite different and take TwoAlike to a new place through art. Contemplate the answers to these questions – just for fun – and think of more questions that suit your purposes.

Is TwoAlike, really two alike persons or two not alike persons?

How do social platforms start? First with avatars?

What if two people are very different but share fashion norms, are they alike?

Maybe opposites really do attract… in entertaining quirky-to-illustrate ways.

Another approach for TwoAlike brand-building is to include humor with art.  Concepts with side-by-side art panels – called people pairings – tend to have a chuckle factor.


LeapN is a memorable, dynamic, catchy brand name with only 5 characters that hint at adventure and discovery – and fanbase popularity. The LeapN brand has legs to take it places, either as a social platform or entertainment feature.

For Project One guidance, let’s concatenate both classifications and call LeapN a social entertainment platform. Now, let’s layer on a metaverse concept for all the buzz, hype, bells, and whistles the metaverse can bring.

LeapN is fun, whimsical, and easy to recall; signifies a positive action. Means to do something quickly with enthusiasm. These are great keys to fashion art.

Concept of thought: I’m thinking about a series of ‘leaps’ that leave a heroic action figure in astonishing places of discovery. One example, our hero leaps into an escape room but in reverse – a break-in room. Anything could be in there. If our athletic hero isn’t surprised, the escape room gamers surely will be.

LeapN is rich with possibilities for artist contributors, with anything possible and everything colorful. Remember, our mission is to create notable, popular NFT series. Web gallery art first and then buzz-worthy NFT series.

Artists, start your imaginations. Let’s share in this adventure.

A Special Thanks to DotComism

Special thanks to our foundational patron, DotComism, who contributed most of the web3 concepts and digital assets listed above. A grateful Creatology will use them for case studies as well as real web3 commerce projects when partnerships and venture teams form.

More assets are available – a more complete list of inspiring brands and domains is published at https://www.dotcomism.com/inventory.

Project One Stakeholder Activities

Creatology’s Project One is all about the artists who answer the call, their art, NFTs, and web3 monetization opportunities. The workflow activities described below denote key operational tasks and interactions of project stakeholders.

Stage One – Make Art

Creative Director – the project’s creative director is responsible for (1) maintaining the Project Guide shown below; (2) publishing the project newsletter; (3) updating subject brand information; (4) developing requirements for making art; and (5) instructions for submitting art.

Artists – contributing artists (1) review the Project Description and project requirements shown below; (2) review subject brand descriptions; (3) select a subject brand to guide in their art making; (4) review criteria for making art; and (5) subscribe to the project newsletter.

Artists can select more than one subject brand, if they have more than one interest or favorite. Since there is no limit to an artist’s imagination, the project’s creative review team is open to multiple submissions.

Stage Two – Submit Art

Artists – contributing artists review instructions and submit art.

Essentially, art is submitted in a digital format and accompanied with basic meta data such as the artist’s name for gallery postings. Do not submit privacy data.

Stage Three – Process Art Submissions

Creative Review Team – the project’s creative review team will process art submissions. Tasks include: receive, review, disposition, log, and perform security checks.

Stage Four – Announcements & Publishing

Creative Review Team the creative review team schedules events and plans gallery presentations. Art will be curated with generous strategies for exposure, special winners, and awards. News and events are published in the project newsletter.

Stage Five – Web3 Monetization with NFTs

Creative Director – web3 monetization techniques will be introduced in stage five. Online postings also will be announced in the project newsletter. Outcomes and lessons learned will be shared as well.

Notes about the plan for monetization – after a round of initial planning for Project One, the creative team favors the production of a unique type of NFTs developed by Creatology. With this plan, the actual NFT minting will be performed by a third-party blockchain mining company that pairs well with our inventive marketing strategies. NFT vendor analysis is in progress.

Notes about the creative monetization methodology – To better understand the proposed monetization technique, focus on a subject brand: Execubot, NewNewYork, BurntToast, ZenMars, ClubTerra, PinkArt, etc. Each brand could become a unique gallery series, and thus primed for NFT production and monetization. Brand association will increase profit potential. The expectation is that NFTs will generate income through direct sales, auctions, and continuing aftermarket sales.

Stage Six – Analysis & Planning

Creative Director and Creative Review Team – in stage six, the Creatology team evaluates project outcomes and plans program expansion based on project successes.

About the open-ended Project One timeline – Creatology has been around for a while as a prototype but the model recently changed to promote the integration of web3 functionality with inspired innovations, supported by a growing community of creative types. Creatology is making progress with plans to rollout additional projects and features but still near the beginning. Therefore, the timeline for Project One is better left open-ended.

Many thanks to our resourceful creative community – as it turns out, prototype ventures are easier to change than old-school enterprises. While there is no guarantee that every project function or artist outcome will be successful, the experience is certain to be worth the effort. The fifteen remarkable subject brands assigned to Project One speak mightily to the overarching opportunity. Creatives continually prove the point.

Let’s make more art!

Project One Description

Creatology’s Project One is a web3 NFT monetization training exercise. Project One is a creative development project that involves artists creating and submitting art based on project specifications. Project art is associated with a variety of prized digital assets. The later phases of Project One explore web3 functionality, minting NFTs, and web3 monetization techniques.

Creatology retains ownership and/or rights of ownership of intellectual property which it provides to projects. DotComism and Creatology retain rights to the digital assets they provide.

More about the web3 NFT development project follows below.

Project Concept & Definition

Basic and important project lifecycle phases are defined below:

Project One Concept:

Project One is a creative development endeavor and an open call for artists to make art associated with promising emerging brands provided by Creatology, the project sponsor. Selected images will be digitized to create NFTs to expand branding definitions. Artists will experience real-world web3 monetization training, learn marketing techniques, and many will benefit from promotions of their art in a variety of online galleries and exposures.

Project Definition:

  • The project’s purpose is to produce art consistent with branding themes and compatible with NFT production, so that artist participants can learn from real-world exercises in web3 monetization.
  • The goals are to develop and publish project art; provide beneficial web3 training; and expand the creative community at Creatology.com for continued engagements and additional web3 training.
  • Special creative nexus goal: Creatology seeks to be the premier creative nexus for NFT art, a portal through which people find gallery after gallery of NFTs and transformational NFT products in new web3 marketplaces like EarthMart, NewNewYork, Shopping Moon, Artseum, Peopleseum as well as metaverse spaces.
  • Project deliverables are digitized artworks suitable for online presentations and NFT minting. Each artwork is associated with a valued emerging brand. Technical specifications are provided below.
  • The scope is bounded by two major elements: (1) branding assets; and (2) artist participants who produce art relevant to brand specifications.

Project Requirements


  1. Art Submission File Size for Creatology.com Display-1: Art image file size for web display should not exceed 2 megabytes. Please note that art submitted directly to Creatology will be used for web display only. However, in later project phases which involve web3 monetization exercises, artists will have the option to submit art directly to NFT manufacturers, who may have larger file-size requirements.
  2. Art Submission File Size for NFT Manufacture-1: Art image file size for the minting of NFTs will be determined by NFT makers.
  3. Art Submission File Pixel Width for Creatology.com Display-1: Consider pixel widths of less than 2500 pixels as more than sufficient for web display images. Please note for reference, that many of the large feature images displayed on Creatology.com are jpeg images approximately 1200 pixels wide and only 200 KB in file size.
  4. Art Submission File Size Reduction-1: Creatology might reduce the size of submitted art for website publication to enhance website performance.
  5. Art Submission Contact-1: Artists should submit project art as a digital file attachment to an email which is addressed to contact@creatology.com.
  6. Art Submission Contact-2: All project participants should sign up for the project newsletter.
  7. Art Submission Data-Art Signature Name-1: Artists must include an “art signature name” which can be published in association with submitted project art.
  8. Art Submission Data-Art Title-1: Artists must include a title with their art which can be published in association with submitted project art. Please note that “untitled” is an option.
  9. Art Submission Data-Art Media-1: Artists must include a description of the media used to make their art; e.g., acrylic on canvas; charcoal pencil on paper; pastels; mixed media including photography, and AI (artificial intelligence).
  10. Art Submission-Ownership-1: Ownership of intellectual property submitted to Creatology is retained by the artist owner.
  11. Art Submission-Ownership-2: Artists must attest to ownership at the time of submission. Example: I own intellectual property rights to the submitted art and grant rights of use to Creatology.
  12. Art- Submission-Rights-of-Use-1: Artists must grant Creatology the right to use artist-submitted intellectual property in accordance with project rules. Examples of the use of the intellectual property by Creatology include gallery and feature presentations for visual art and similar feature presentations for music and written works.
  13. Art Submission Approval of Privacy Policy-1: Artists must read and approve of the “Privacy Policy & Terms of Use” policies published online at Creatology.com/privacy-policy.
  14. Art Submission Approval of Privacy Policy-2: Artists must approve “Privacy Policy & Terms of Use” policies in a statement provided with the art submission. Example: “YES, I read and approve of the “Privacy Policy & Terms of Use” policies published online at Creatology.com.

Project Lifecycle Definition (continued)

  • Design: The design phase focuses on creating a plan or blueprint for the project. It involves visualizing how the final art should look, and how best to interact with web3 technologies including NFTs.
  • Specifications: This element entails documenting detailed specifications for the artwork. It includes providing guidelines on size, format, color palette, materials, and any other specific requirements necessary for the project. Please note that specifications for art submissions is documented in the requirements section above.
  • Rules and Criteria: Information artists need for creating and submitting art.
    • Subject Brand Details are the key to success and provide project artists with great options for making art. The inaugural project subject brands are described above and listed here: emerging power brands: Avatari, BurntToast, Execubot, FabuYou, and Terrif; new market prototypes: ShoppingMoon, EarthMart, NewNewYork, and Rarewerks; special global domains: ZenMars, PinkArt, and FirstDotComBank; and innovative social concepts: LeapN, TwoAlike, and ClubTerra.
    • Art Rules and Guidelines – Rules are documented in the requirements section – flexibility is the norm. One note of caution as an example: the project has no stated deadlines but don’t get left behind – follow the newsletter to keep current on project activities.
  • Development: This phase involves the actual creation of project deliverables such as art by the artists and NFTs for web3 commerce. Artists utilize their skills and creativity to produce their work based on the project specifications and guidelines. NFTs will be minted by NFT manufacturers identified in later project phases.
  • Review: The creative review team will assess art based on the predetermined criteria. The evaluation process may involve experts, judges, or a community voting system.
  • Quality Assurance: This element focuses on ensuring the overall quality of the art and the project as a whole.
  • Production: After the art has been reviewed and approved, it enters the production phase. This involves preparing artwork for displays and promotions.
  • Operations: During the operations phase, the creative director and project team can assess project results and plan for additional activities or new and exciting projects.


Creatology holds a mission to inspire creative successes through education, the use of exceptional resources, and community engagement. Special projects are sometimes part of the educational process.

We hope you are encouraged to join our creative team at Creatology.com and encourage you to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on a growing list of social platforms.

Thanks for your interest.

Creative Director

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