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Galleries are a new feature at Creatology. Several more are planned.
Club Terra and Help Terra — both eco-friendly themes — share the honor of fulfilling our inaugural launch. 

About Club Terra (and Help Terra)

A Competition to Promote Green Activism

Saving Earth’s precious biosphere from the detrimental impacts of climate change is the primary goal of Club Terra and a companion project, Help Terra.

Club Terra and Help Terra equally resonate with the mission. Both brands have unique bona fides, creative concepts, resources, and matching .com domain names. So, which brand should lead a creative effort in combating the Earth’s climate crisis?

Gallery images and promotional messaging didn’t produce a clear choice. Note: Navigate to the Help Terra gallery using navigation arrows or menu options.

So, there was no clear choice but one good idea: Why not make it a competition – Club Terra vs. Help Terra? 

Creatology agreed. The creative project team decided to make a selection based on popularity and quantifiable factors, details to follow in the newsletter.

A Call to Action for Pro-Green Creatives

If you’re pro-green, pick your favorites: themes, pics, … mission, and engage on social to get the message out. Soon, we’ll have other ways to collect ideas and ‘vote.’ Club Terra or Help Terra? … to be decided by the efforts of our pro-green activists and creative volunteers.

Scroll up and click on gallery images for a lightbox effect. A compilation of data follows to help you decide. Whether you pick Club Terra or Help Terra or both, Earth thanks you.

Club Terra – Meta Data

Gallery Image Titles – Captions – Text

1.      Club Terra – Signature

  • Caption: Club Terra – Series 1 Signature Artwork
  • Alt Text for Image: A rooster, roses, and flowers are framed by embellishments and text messages, poster style: “Save Earth – for all Earth creatures – All of us” and “Creatology.com”

2.      Earth’s Symphony

  • Caption: Harmony in Diversity – Club Terra Unites for a Greener World.
  • Alt Text for Image: Masked musicians perform a symphony in front of a backdrop prop of Earth and the cosmos, digital art.

3.      Green Community

  • Caption: Growing Together for a Sustainable Tomorrow – Join Club Terra.
  • Alt Text for Image: Anonymous joyful, diverse people plant trees, adding to a lush landscape, digital art.

4.      Wildlife Celebration

  • Caption: Preserving Biodiversity – Club Terra’s Commitment to Earth’s Creatures.
  • Alt Text for Image: Various species of animals and birds gathered around a clean water source, celebrating life, digital art.

5.      Nature’s Resilience

  • Caption: From Degradation to Regeneration – Club Terra’s Restoration Efforts.
  • Alt Text for Image: Signs of restoration and life emerge as we pan across a fire-damaged forest landscape from left to right, digital art.

6.      Earth Guardians

  • Caption: Guardians of Our Planet – Club Terra’s Pledge to Defend Nature.
  • Alt Text for Image: A diverse group of large, symbolic individuals holds hands around the Earth, protecting it from harm, surreal digital art.

7.      New New York

  • Caption: Innovation for a Greener Future – Club Terra’s Vision of Sustainable Cities.
  • Alt Text for Image: A futuristic city with flying autos appears to be constructed entirely of plants, windmills, and solar panels, digital art.
Club Terra and Help Terra — both eco-friendly themes — share the honor of fulfilling our inaugural launch. 

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