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About Help Terra (and Club Terra)

A Competition to Promote Green Activism

Saving Earth’s precious biosphere from the detrimental impacts of climate change is the primary goal of Help Terra and a companion project, Club Terra.

Help Terra and Club Terra equally resonate with the mission. Both brands have unique bona fides, creative concepts, resources, and matching .com domain names. So, which brand should lead a creative effort in combating the Earth’s climate crisis?

Gallery images and promotional messaging didn’t produce a clear choice. Note: Navigate to the companion Club Terra gallery using navigation arrows or menu options.

So, there was no clear choice but one good idea: Why not make it a competition between – Help Terra vs. Club Terra? 

Creatology agreed. The creative project team decided to make a selection based on popularity and quantifiable factors, details to follow in the newsletter and posts.

A Call to Action for Pro-Green Creatives

If you’re pro-green, pick your favorites: themes, pics, … mission, and engage on social to get the message out. Soon, we’ll have other ways to collect ideas and ‘vote.’ Help Terra or Club Terra? … to be decided by the efforts of our pro-green activists and creative volunteers.   

Thank You

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Help Terra – Meta Data

Scroll up and click on gallery images for a lightbox effect. A compilation of data follows to help you decide. Whether you pick one or the other or both, Earth thanks you.

Gallery Image Titles – Captions – Text

1.      Help Terra – Iconic Signature 

  • Caption: Help Terra – Series 1 Signature Artwork
  • Alt Text for Image: A parody of an Old West wanted poster frames the silhouette of a man in a cowboy hat with text messages: “Help Terra; Green activists wanted; a creative community is forming to save Earth; Reward; and Creatology.com.”

2.      Urgent Call

  • Caption: Answering Earth’s SOS – Help Terra’s Fight Against Environmental Crisis.
  • Alt Text for Image: A sickly Earth pillow-figure lies in a hospital bed plugged into monitors blinking red, simple drawing, digital art.

3.      Mission Restoration

  • Caption: Repairing Earth’s Scarred Beauty – Help Terra’s Mission of Restoration.
  • Alt Text for Image: A fresh, green, new-growth forest sprouts from a rocky, barren landscape, digital art.

4.      Healing Hands

  • Caption: Healing Through Action – Help Terra’s Plan for Waterway Restoration.
  • Alt Text for Image: A modern environmental cleanup boat skims a pile of floating plastic debris from calm, polluted water, digital photography.

5.      Rescue Mission

  • Caption: From Harm to Haven – Help Terra’s Commitment to Wildlife Rescue.
  • Alt Text for Image: Color pencil and pastel drawing of animals waiting for bus transportation to safety, child’s viewpoint (a yellow school bus), digital art.

6.      Reviving the Ecosystem

  • Caption: Breathing Life Back into Earth – Help Terra’s Ecosystem Rehabilitation.
  • Alt Text for Image: Water trickles from a caring hand onto a sprouted seedling in rich soil, beneath a brilliant sunset, 3D renders, digital art.

7.      Clean Future

  • Caption: From Pollution to Possibility – Help Terra’s Vision of a Cleaner World.
  • Alt Text for Image: Futuristic hidden cityscape, transitioned from polluted skies to clean air and renewable energy, digital art.

Thank You

Thanks! for supporting Creatology. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Endorsements do not add cost. 

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