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Legacy of the EarthMart Brand

EarthMart is a champion of climate awareness, delivering eco-friendly messages and merchandise featuring fresh, captivating designs and innovative concepts—a hub for artists, writers, climate techies – all creatives. EarthMart empowers them to make meaningful contributions to bolster climate awareness. A prime exemplar of this commitment is the EarthMart gallery.

A 20-Year Journey with EarthMart

Over the past two decades, EarthMart has found a new home at Creatology, establishing rich connections with gifted artists, writers, and a diverse range of creatives. Renowned for its impactful designs and engaging concepts, the brand continues to advance pro-environment themes with innovative plans. At EarthMart, climate tech is trending.

Explore Green Markets

In our pursuit of promoting eco-conscious living, we are excited to unveil upcoming green markets. For those eager to acquire EarthMart merchandise right away, you can browse our selection of iconic graphic designs at the EarthMart store on Redbubble.

From Fantasy to Reality

Fantasy – A Galactic Destination for Alien Tourists:

Embark on an imaginary journey to EarthMart, a prominent establishment situated on the fictional fifth orbit of the “Shopping Moon.” This whimsical setting is brought to life in a satirical novel and screenplay, where alien shoppers from across the galaxy flock to purchase a wide array of Earth-made products. From earthenware and earthwear to coffee, tea, glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice), and even an Earth exclusive – pond scum – a key ingredient in ‘yurt!’ What is yurt? A lumpy, gloopy, kind-of-like coffee ‘drink,’ craved across the Milky Way. EarthMart stands as a central attraction, driving the hilarity of the ‘Shopping Moon‘ storyline.

Reality – Discover Emerging Brands at Creatology

Back in the realm of reality, EarthMart has been instrumental in launching promising brands such as BurntToast, Been Bad, and Total Zombie, with more exciting ventures in the pipeline. For creatives who wish to join our mission, the focus now is on reimagining the EarthMart brand and steering it into the future.

Our commitment to fostering a positive and creative environment ensures that updating our product line will produce outstanding artistic results, particularly for display in the EarthMart gallery. Together, we can continue to spread awareness and make a lasting impact on climate consciousness. !!

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EarthMart Gallery Collection

EarthMart Collection Descriptions

Image Titles – Captions – Alternate Text

EarthMart Insignia

  • Authentic eco-friendly merch – since July

  • A graphic of Earth from space sports the brand name, ‘EarthMart.’ Yes, ‘finally motivated to save the place,’ is extolled across the bottom… and let’s hope it’s not too late. Alien tourists orbit planet Earth in spaceships and cast a bit of shade at earthlings in the captions: ‘Bout time’ and ‘Got Ice?’ [Merch for sale in the EarthMart store at Redbubble]

Earth’s Shopping List

  • Yes, we can have nice rings
  • The rings of Saturn fantastically surround Earth in this compilation of two famous NASA images. The pro-green message here is after we reverse the harm of climate change and fix otherworldly problems, then we can do extraordinary things.

My Bubble is Earth

  • All of humanity resides in this bubble
  • The message, “My Bubble is Earth…” repeats four times along the circumference of a graphical image of Earth. [Merch for sale in the EarthMart store at Redbubble]

Vote for Life on Earth  

  • Vote like life on Earth depends on it
  • An EarthMart t-shirt with the message, ‘Vote Like Life on Earth Depends on It,’ is modeled by a female model relaxing with her dog. [Merch for sale in the EarthMart store at Redbubble]

Earth – Save the Place

  • I voted for life on Earth – save the place
  • The design for another EarthMart graphic t-shirt is displayed. Its eco-friendly message: ‘I Voted for Life on Earth – Save the Place.’ [Merch for sale in the EarthMart store at Redbubble]

Vote for Life on Earth  

  • A male activist stands tall for life on Earth
  • An EarthMart t-shirt with the message, ‘Vote Like Life on Earth Depends on It,’ is modeled by an active male model. [Merch for sale in the EarthMart store at Redbubble]

Universe’s Toast Alert

  • The Universe called and said Earth is toast
  • An arrow points to the location of Earth on a spiral arm of the Milkey Way Galaxy. It is from an alarmed piece of space toast?! Rather than the traditional, ‘You are here,’ the caption reads: ‘The Universe called… and said we’re toast.’ [Merch for sale in the EarthMart store at Redbubble]

After the Ice Melts

  • Santa is a climate refugee? Save Santa – Save Earth
  • A blow-up yard Santa bobs in the ice-depleted Arctic water as a cute polar bear clings to a chunk of melting ice and the iconic North Pole sign floats by. No worries… this story has a happy ending – IF – we join forces to reverse the negative impacts of climate change. [Merch for sale in the EarthMart store at Redbubble] [‘After the Ice Melts‘ book for sale on Amazon]

How Aliens See Earth

  • Alien tourists approaching Earth see it differently
  • A graphic of Earth from space is flipped upside down, which could be the more common alien perspective. Captions read, ‘How Aliens See Earth,’ and remarks from prior visitors: ‘Burning Man was probing,’ and ‘Skip Washington… D.C. is a mess.’ [Merch for sale in the EarthMart store at Redbubble]

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