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Eco-Friendly Adventure: “After the Ice Melts”

by Ed Draper
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Project Terra’s climate activism really revs up at Creatology when a pro-green team of creatives takes on climate crisis solutions based on a paradigm-shifting Christmas story: “After the Ice Melts.”   

The environmental comedy, fantasy adventure was originally written in screenplay format for animation. It’s also available as a paperback on Amazon. The Project Terra mission for “After the Ice Melts” can best be summarized as saving Santa to save Christmas and Earth!

Save Santa – Save Christmas – Save Earth!

The fate of Santa Claus and Christmas Village hangs in the balance as the ice melts at the North Pole. With Christmas Village sinking into the Arctic along with all its beloved characters, from Santa and Missus Claus to the elves and Rudolph, it’s time to address important questions:

Why aren’t we worried about Santa falling victim to climate change?

What will happen to his home, toy workshop, and Christmas if we ignore the impacts of climate change?

A Marketing Strategy for Climate Change Solutions

Project Terra, under the guidance of Creatology, remains dedicated to safeguarding Earth’s fragile biosphere from the ravages of climate change. Emphasizing that all ideas are welcome, and participation can range from small engagements to substantial proposals, the author proposes this pro-green epic meme—and a resulting change in international folklore.

Santa Claus Aids Climate Activism

This revolutionary idea is to enlist Santa Claus as a spokesperson for climate change activism and cultural devastation resulting from climate disruption and displacement. While Santa is a fictional character, leveraging Santa’s magic in public relations, stories, and merchandise could significantly increase climate awareness and the urgency to act.

The Power of Humor in Climate Activism

Humor is a potent tool in marketing, and “After the Ice Melts” introduces Santa’s predicament as a beloved figure experiencing an existential climate crisis—the most recognizable victim of climate change and dislocation.

Adding humor to the campaign mix could help win over the hearts and minds of both children and adults. The author has already penned a book and a screenplay for an animated short feature that received positive feedback from eco-friendly activists. The new Christmas story can become an important tool in the fight to reverse climate change.

“After the Ice Melts” A Year-Round Christmas Story

Syllabus, Book Matter, and Blurbs

Tagline –

A heroic team searches the world to save Santa and Christmas … and maybe humanity. It’s hilarious!

Book Blurb –

Santa goes missing when the ice melts in the Arctic, but comical battles ensue between the villainous Mr. Pollutey backed by his evil robot, and a team of climate scientists with a talking dog and a soggy elf. Wonderfully, they save Santa and Christmas – and Earth!

Book Blurb –

An entertaining cast of characters and a storyline akin to the Scooby-Doo gang teaming up in the Land of Oz with new friends Soggy Elf and Randolph (a talking dog). 

Join the Fight to Save Santa and Earth

The book, available in paperback and Kindle formats on Amazon, is a new paradigm for Christmas that aims to elevate awareness and inspire climate change deniers to reconsider their stance.

“As the Ice Melts” was published through DotComism, a fledgling publishing company with limited marketing resources. The author seeks support in spreading the word about this eco-forward tale. Additionally, the call goes out to offer advice and other climate change solutions to Project Terra. A gallery of eco-friendly environmental works and initiatives is envisioned, and every contribution brings us closer to achieving our mission’s goals.

Creatology, Project Terra, Help Terra, and Club Terra are diligently working toward a sustainable future. By joining the creative team and combining resources, more can be accomplished to combat climate change.

Let’s unite on this adventure to save Santa, Christmas, and our planet! Together, we can make a difference and create a greener, brighter future for all.

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