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Crypto News, Trends, Analysis, and Opinions

by Ed Draper
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Topic 1 – Crypto Taxation

Crypto is Dead – Long Live Crypto!

Source: Reddit r/CryptoCurrency article: How Denmark killed crypto; and how it could happen elsewhere


Why not start off with yet another dramatic cryptocurrency-is-dead alert? Any story that includes ‘tax authorities’ in the first line and you kind of know from the start what the topic is really about – money. Or let’s say finance, since the histrionics, in this case, is more of a continuing thread about Danish tax laws than concerns about the cryptocurrency marketplace.

Background: Danish tax authorities criticized Bitcoin heavily back in 2017, saying it’s like, ‘trading with marbles. It isn’t secured in any way.’ The apparent cause for concern: ‘Banks probably don’t want you to trade it, but it’s totally tax-free.’ Now the truth comes out.

Bitcoin Acceptance: A year later, the financial concern melted away when Bitcoin ‘marbles’ were suddenly seen as a real investment. Applaud as you like, but to be fair, there was a cautionary addendum that cryptocurrency still lacks security. Consequently, cryptocurrency trading will be taxed in Denmark – every transaction – even token exchanges.

Long live crypto! And thank you, Reddit and Yahoo News!

Topic 2 – Crypto Normalization

Uber Says Crypto is a Thing

Uber CEO says you’ll eventually be able to pay with cryptocurrency.

And someday the sun will run out of fuel to burn…. I’m not asking for a pony. Can we please just speed up the integration of crypto and commerce?

Long live crypto! Thank you, Reddit r/cryptocurrency.

Topic 3 – NFT Trends

Music Celebrity Makes Millions in NFT Auction

First, note the gargantuan sale amount by musician and artist Grimes (Claire Boucher), who sold a collection of digital artworks at auction for almost $6 million.

And then note the timing: This crypto triumph is from the epoch when NFTs were a novelty. But are NFTs making a comeback?

Also, you have to ask: If Grimes was so successful, then why didn’t she repeat the conquest with a follow-up NFT auction?

True, the Grimes sale was conducted through an auction, but it included a complex collection of artworks and videos, branded WarNymph Collection Vol 1. Some items are sold separately and others are sold as limited editions. The body of work was complicated, but Grimes is connected to another celebrity with money (spoiler alert: Elon Musk).

Obviously, we can at least conclude that celebrity is a factor in this great cryptonic caper.

Reality Star Turns Presidential Fame into Fruitful NFT Sale

Another celebrity and orangish-tinted former president had not one but two successful NFT sales. Card collections that sold out overnight, the first for $4.5 million. But this guy has his own cadre of supporters tied to… (it could happen…) his every tweet, truther, ‘X,’ whatever they’re called now. So, include the fanbase as a success factor.

Beeple and The Bored Ape Yacht Club

Now, we should mention the legendary Bored Ape Yacht Club and NFT extravaganza. Bored Apes are the biggest NFT success after the Beeple auction. Let’s compare them both.

Bored Apes are often panned for lacking in artistry. I give the creators much more credit for entertainment value than demerits for cartoonish presentation. Bored Apes are like game pieces or avatars. The analyst in me wants to run the whole series of Bored Apes through an algorithm and organize an outdoor exhibit featuring Bored Ape panels on the National Mall – in front of the Hirshhorn – next to Air and Space.

As for Beeple’s famous montage of his popular works – sheer genius. And the combination of regularly published artifacts from a popular journal adds depth and richness to the notable work.

Both Bored Apes and Beeple are truly unique in product, style, and market. All four examples succeeded in the creation or advancement of a brand.

Long live crypto! Thanks to Guardian UK and various news sources.

Topic 4 – NFT Market Analysis

Creatology Sees Opportunity in NFT Marketplaces

We all know or have an inkling about struggles in the web3 world of crypto, including cryptocurrency, web3 domains, monetization, and tokenized products. However, despite issues and a legendary blockchain war, the rationale for a robust web3 structure remains sound and even promising.

The status of the crypto market is a bit sideways at present according to one associate. The surface waters are a bit choppy and no significant waves are forming. But rather than wait it out for the next big wave, Creatology plans to make a move now.

Creatology views the downturn as an opportunity to take inventive NFT products and services out to market. Topic 3 showed us how artists, entertainers, and innovators were successful in the first NFT market surge. Since then, Creatology has added writers to the mix to develop a suite of fresh NFT concepts, and some are ready for takeoff.

NFT Succes Factors

In our exploration of NFT trends and successes, we identified key factors that can be distilled into guiding principles: Successful NFT products are fresh, unique, and inherently linked with admirable brands, lively marketplaces, or prominent influencers. This linkage facilitates marketing to a niche or devoted fanbase.

With these principles in mind, the creative community at Creatology will rally to follow them. ‘Let’s make art’ is a common mantra. Now art becomes a new wave of NFT offerings.

Exceptional Digital Assets: Brands and Domains

Thanks to a partnership with DotComism, the powerhouse brands below are available at Creatology for NFT action. Matching .com domain names provide options for exceptional marketplaces.

Newly Assigned NFT Subject Brands:

Emerging power brands:            Avatari, BurntToast, Execubot, FabuYou, and Terrif

New market prototypes:              ShoppingMoon, EarthMart, NewNewYork, and Rarewerks

Special global domains:              FirstDotComBank, PinkArt, and ZenMars

Innovative social concepts:         LeapN, TwoAlike, Help Terra, and ClubTerra

Artists, writers, and innovators have great no-cost options to fuel their creative engines. Join our creative community and find a home at Creatology. There is no better time than now to discover a power brand in need of your creative touch.

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