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  • Exploring NFT trends and successes identified key factors that can be distilled into guiding principles: Successful NFT products are fresh, unique, and inherently linked with admirable brands, lively marketplaces, or prominent influencers. This linkage facilitates marketing to a niche or devoted fanbase.

  • Transforming visual art into digitized art for web display and NFTs is not inherently difficult but there are numerous considerations required along the way to a successful Web3 monetization effort. Over twenty items in this article identify color, technical, and promotional considerations.

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    Web3 NFT Monetization Project

    by Ed Draper
    by Ed Draper

    Artists are called to action to make art for the premier Creatology.com web3 NFT monetization project. Innovative web3 concepts and unique brands including: Avatari, BurntToast, PinkArt, LeapN, Terrif, NewNewYork, ZenMars, FirstDotComBank, TwoAlike… creative nexus…

  • How NFTs benefit individuals – a guide for web3 blockchain and NFT beginners covers authenticity and ownership verification; monetization and income generation; royalties and residual income; tokenization of real-world assets; and enhanced fan engagement and community building.

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