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Web3 Guide for Creatives 

by Ed Draper
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Web3 user guide for creative types and innovators

Comprehensive Web3 Guide for Creatives and Visionaries 

Creatology.com presents a wide-ranging web3 guide for creatives of all types. Artists, writers, musicians – thinkers – everyone will benefit from the special features and unique brands associated with the site. 

Web3 Opportunities for the Creative Community 

Much more than a blog… Creatology is all about building a community of web3-savvy artists and innovators. A meeting place for finding mentors and partners as well as lasting friendships. An enterprising space for learning how to interact and profit from web3. 

Creatives Unite! Web3 is Our Time – Our Place! 

From its beginning, the internet has been a boon for creatives, but despite a massive pool of assets from their collective ingenuity, artists somehow find themselves missing out on equity. Why? Largely because the worldwide web’s developers are also its gatekeepers. And it turns out that techies have a measure of creative ‘street cred,’ too, or at a minimum, control over some of it. 

Now, fast forward to the present. Fortunately, gatekeepers need products to make profits, especially with web3. Accordingly, boundless new opportunities exist for creatives. Maybe artists didn’t benefit equally at the start of the internet but the book is wide open on web3. 

At last, this is our time! Web3 is our place! 

Creatology is a Resourceful Web3 Guide for Creatives and Visionaries 

Web3 became the preferred expression for Web 3.0 faster than I could trigger a Google search to learn the reason why. The web3 abbreviation speaks to a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, and one that is inherently suited to inventiveness and creative expression.  

Decentralization of the internet works to our advantage. Web3 by design gives innovative communities more control. It also provides Creatology.com with real purpose. Creatology strives to be a valuable, friendly meeting place for creatives to network and discover web3 (and web2) opportunities, partners, and friends. 

Creatology proves that sharing and support work best in a community setting. Uniquely positioned as a writer, director, domainer, and concept creator, my personal mission is to add value with web3 assets including concepts, marketing, and integration. The digital assets listed below are just the beginning. 

A Peak Inside the Creatology Toolkit

Almost every .com in inventory at DotComism is available for project work. Artsic.com, is a great example. Once a part of Tennessee Technological University’s Capstone program, Artsic.com is now available for a new venture – at Creatology

The curriculum stimulates thought and creativity with tips, tools, templates and methodologies. Some topics seemingly favor a specific creative class like screenplay formatting for script writers, or guerilla marketing for publishers, etc. All posts are informative and beneficial – and hopefully fun. 

Creative Problem Solving is one of my favorite topics. Obviously, everyone can benefit from understanding the ins and outs of creative problem solving. Afterall, we face problems every day. There are surprise subjects, too. Trust me, everyone also should benefit from an easy-to-understand analytical practice called linear analysis

More About the Creative and Web3 Training Missions

When the concept for Creatology jelled, a clear mission emerged much larger than simply building a supportive environment to encourage creative successes using web3. 

Timed for Launch

The rollout version of Creatology provides basic training on web3 from a to z, eventually. At the onset, we’ll study key elements like cryptocurrency and wallets, blockchain, and the metaverse. All postings speak directly to creative types and connect web3 content to the artistic world. 

Coming Soon

Creatology is the perfect venue to share years of accumulated digital assets and a toolbox filled with creative, technical, and marketing innovations. Planned topics and tools include multi-perspective communication, creative problem-solving, linear analysis, plotline development, character development, and organizational tools. 

Menu and Site Navigation

We’re on the menu! …in a good way. The top menu provides an effective top-down navigation. More specifically, inspiriting creative topics fill the navigation menu in the header section at the top of each page. Site maps and links are positioned where appropriate.

The inaugural menu topics will surely expand with time, and if you’re reading this post soon after it was published, you might not see every category on the rollout menu. Regardless, here’s the rollout plan for all categories. More content will soon follow.

Educational Resource Categories

  • Web3 – crypto topics in support of the Web3 Guide for Creatives
  • Self – non-crypto topics also support the Web3 Guide for Creatives [analytical, marketing, creative, and self-help]

Discovery and Entertainment Categories

  • Art – galleries showcase creative works from the user community 
  • Americana – a special category to support case studies in the Web3 Guide for Creatives
  • Green – an eco-friendly category supports environmental causes and encourages meaningful advancement of climate crisis issues
  • Brands – emerging brands support case studies in the Web3 Guide for Creatives [e.g., Ameritopia, Burnt Toast, Calmcasts, DropN… xWork, YouFabu, ZenMars]
  • Markets – niche and concept marketplaces support ecommerce opportunities for the user community [e.g., Asiaseum, BlueShops, EarthMart, FindaGift, NewEuroMarket…]

Growth Plans for the Comprehensive Web3 Guide for Creatives 

This post is an introduction to the overarching concept behind Creatology rather than a syllabus of web3 topics. 

As the site expands, navigation tools will be added to enhance the user interface. For example, once there is a sufficient number of educational topics, the site curriculum will be added to pages in addition to menu categories and posts. 

Getting Excited 

The Comprehensive Web3 Guide for Creatives is almost ready to rollout the first phase of operations. You possibly are part of the launch, so thanks in advance for your interest and contributions.

When you meet a friend, post some art, make a sale… win an award…, I hope you will view Creatology warmly and realize the fun has started already. 

Let’s do this!

So, what do you think of the plan? Look, learn, find, connect and benefit mightily. Wait! Please review the site and growing list of assets already available for your direct advancement in the creative web3 community. And then, pick a social platform and hype or gripe away. To make Creatology work best for all of us, the comprehensive web3 guide for creatives and visionaries needs your support and advice. 

— E

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1 comment

Chris George Alexander May 27, 2023 - 5:07 pm

Hi Ed, this is all awesome. I have a couple of editorial suggestions, one regarding text and one regarding ordering of your list of recent posts.

Text issue: Very minor point but I think could help creative types follow along. My suggestion is to review your explanations with a view to replacing some “the”s with “this”s. An example: under the “Timed for Launch” heading, the phrase “THE rollout version of Creatology provides…” could be “THIS rollout version of Creatology provides…”

Topic link order issue: Since you posted these several articles on the same day, it would be helpful for users if you suggest an order in which they should be read.


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